Ready to amplify your income with continual cash infusions?

Your next-level business begins with expanding your income sources with an online course that sells itself on repeat.


This program will take you from live-launch rollercoaster to evergreen sales on repeat.

Because it’s time for you to finally experience what "work-life balance" really means.

If you're feeling like....

> You're ready to add an income stream and expand (you know they say the most successful people have multiple income streams and you're ready to add one yesterday!)

> This isn’t the #entrepreneurlife that was on the brochure.
Where's all that money and freedom people talk about?

> You’re working twice the hours and earning half the money than you did when you worked in your crappy corporate job.

> You’ve got a burning desire to create an online course that your community are *obsessed* with, but you’re totally overwhelmed and scared of taking the leap.

> You don’t even know where to start… or who will even buy from you?!?


I know you’re ready to serve more people and make a bigger impact.

(and I want to show you how WITHOUT burning yourself out)

As featured in:

Imagine what life would be like if you had a wildly successful online program that made you thousands of dollars every month.

(without adding any extra work to your daily life)

Continuous cash-injections? PayPal pings in the night? Welcome to your new normal.

Your days are filled with work that fills your cup – planning epic content and supporting your ever-growing community.

You get to have it all – the thriving service-based business AND the continuous online course sales.

Your work and impact sticks in people's minds – you're making a real, important difference.


It's 100% possible to create a business and life that fulfils you AND your community.

Welcome to....

Evergreen Expansion Coaching

A 3-month, one-to-one coaching program where we set up your business for exponential success.


Everything you get:


We'll meet for 3 consecutive weeks per month, for our 60-minute coaching sessions. It’s on these calls that we’ll create your roadmap for more income, greater impact and (most importantly) more freedom. 


Access to every template and swipe file you need to accelerate your growth. Just add a splash of your unique personality, and voila!


Outside of our calls, you can reach out to me using the messaging app, Voxer. Whether you need advice, direction or just some loving words of encouragement, I’m available to chat privately Monday to Friday so you can move the needle forward, faster between calls.


Don't have the resources in-house to set up your funnel tech? Then my team has your back! We'll help connect all of the pieces, so you can focus on the fun, creative pieces.


Need my eyes on your next-level strategy? I’m here to review your work as you create and expand, so you always feel supported and are in a position to get the best results possible.


After our first 2 months, you have the option to work in a 30-day implementation period, so you can launch your money-making system and gather data on its performance. We'll then resume our last month of coaching fully armed with invaluable insights into the next steps.

And the results?

  • You can take a break, or a vacay without worrying where the money is going to come from.
  • Implement a proven sales system, fast. No more trial-and-error, no guessing, and no 'hope and pray'.
  • You make sales when you’re getting a pedi... spending time with your children... shopping for groceries and sleeping.
  • Every month you grow your community of soulmate clients.
  • You finally have a way to grow your business without giving in to the belief that it has to be utterly exhausting or take away from what you're already doing.

No more guess-work.
No more live-launch overwhelm.
Just a clear pathway to business expansion.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Kate is a must-have secret weapon for your business!"

— Amelia H.

Your investment...

Pay in Full

1 x payment of $3,100 AUD

(approx. $2,290 USD)


Payment Plan

3 x monthly payments of $1,130 AUD

(approx. 3 x $830 USD)


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Adding an evergreen cash infusion to your business is truly life-changing.

And it's more than "just" the continuous sales injections, it's *everything* else that comes with it:

  • More confidence in the important work you do (let's get real: sometimes we just need to validate our work with sales).
  • Less stress about where the next client will come from (or what happens if one leaves).
  • More freedom to hand-pick who you work with and how much you charge (because that evergreen engine is already creating a solid cash base).

Maybe you're thinking...

“I don’t have an online course yet… or even an idea!”

Never fear, my friend! Together we’ll package your expertise into a highly profitable, scalable program.

“I’ve launched before, and it bombed!”

I get it, and I know it can totally rock your confidence.

But I can tell you right now that with some small but mighty changes to your marketing, and some clever touches to your curriculum, your course will go from ho-hum ghost-town to sales on repeat.

And best of all, you can bypass the live-launch model and take the express train to evergreen.

"Kate is the most kind-hearted and knowledgeable teacher"

— Jenna L.

Hey, I'm Kate

Your automation-obsessed, work-smart-not-hard Business Coach.

I spend my days helping heart-centred business womxn (aka, my dream clients) grow their businesses on autopilot.  

Here's the thing: I know it takes a ton of passion and sheer determination to be an entrepreneur, but one thing you don't have in abundance is time.  

I know you're here because you're ready to grow your impactful, meaningful business, without the hustle.

Let's do this!

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