Ready to sell your products & programs in your sleep?

A 1:1 bespoke VIP Day to create a complete automated funnel for your business

Have you ever wondered how some business owners seem to be constantly making sales *without* showing up and selling all the damn time?

The answer my friend is automated funnels and they are
your key to making sales whilst you sleep.

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Who is this for?

This system has been specially designed for entrepreneurs, coaches, educators and service providers who want to automate the sale of their online program, course, masterclass or digital product.

How it works...

After filling in a comprehensive questionnaire, we'll meet for a 1:1 full-day intensive to create automated funnels to sell your products and programs (using Pinterest as your core traffic driver).


Creating your
Strategy Roadmap

We outline your sales goals, identify any potential roadblocks and map your strategy for success.


Building your Sales Machine

This is where smart automation tactics come into play. We systemise the whole process so you can make sales in your sleep.


Celebrate & Scale

Here's we press GO on your funnel, celebrate your huge achievement and create a model that allows you to exponentially scale using Pinterest as your growth engine.

What you'll achieve
in just 1 day

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Craft a killer

Nail your niche and attract ready-to-buy leads with a killer freebie.

Create your
opt-in page

Craft a landing page and watch those numbers grow!

Outline your Welcome Sequence

Build trust, warm up your audience and prepare them to buy.

Build an Evergreen sales system

A Pinterest Marketing system for evergreen, unlimited traffic.

Master the
Tools & Tech

Confidently use the software and systems that run your funnel.

Launch your funnel!

We'll set your system
live so you can start growing fast!

Why Pinterest for funnels?

To grow your funnel, we'll be using Pinterest as your main
source of driving traffic.

Why? Because Pinterest my secret for getting a ton of quality
traffic on autopilot, without having to pay for ads.

Day one, or one day?
The choice is yours....

We all have big dreams for our lives and businesses (and bank accounts)
but without purposeful action, they'll remain just that.

BEFORE Automated Funnels in a Day

  • Creating a funnel sounds confusing and overwhelming. Where do you even start?
  • You spent all this time creating an amazing course/product /masterclass, and then.... crickets.
  • You've already emailed your list about your paid offer three times. Now what???

AFTER Automated Funnels in a Day

  • You have a funnel that runs like a well-oiled machine (why didn't you do this sooner?!)
  • You make sales every month on autopilot (even whilst you sleep or spend time with your family).
  • New, qualified subscribers land in your list every month, and they're ready to buy from you!

What my clients say

"Kate is a Pinterest genius.

She has a great eye for design and content as well as fundamentally understanding business. This means you get a well-considered approach to get the most out of Pinterest"

- Laura O'Hagan, Life Coach

"I’m actually in awe of these results!"

- Lena Mackey, Relationship Coach

"Kate has extensive knowledge and breaks it up into small manageable chunks"

- Ms. Paula Presents, Lifestyle Blogger

Why a VIP Day?

A VIP Day allows you to move forward with your big,
important business goals, FASTER.

Plus, by becoming the creator of your automated sales system, you'll have the knowledge, skills and resources to replicate this method over and over again for all of your future products and programs.

Your Investment

Pay in Full

  • 1:1 Bespoke VIP Day
  • Create a humming sales funnel in 1 day!
  • Sales copy tips and tech-tutorials so you can manage everything with confidence.
  • Access to my templates, swipe-files and cheat-sheets.
  • 1 day of unlimited Voxer support within 1 week of our session.
  • 15-minute follow-up call after 30 days.

1 payment of $3000

Apply now!

Payment Plan

  • 1:1 Bespoke VIP Day
  • Create a humming sales funnel in 1 day!
  • Sales copy tips and tech-tutorials so you can manage everything with confidence.
  • Access to my templates, swipe-files and cheat-sheets.
  • 1 day of unlimited Voxer support within 1 week of our session.
  • 15-minute follow-up call after 30 days.

3 payments of $1111

* all prices in Australian Dollars and equate to approximately USD $2,050 (or 3 x $750)

Next steps

1. Complete the application below.

2. Once I review your application, I'll send you a comprehensive questionnaire and arrange for us to jump on a Discovery Call.

3. During our Discovery Call, we'll get laser focussed on your strategy and goals so we can hit the ground running on your upcoming VIP Day.

* spots are very limited


How long does the session go for?

We'll be working together for a full day (6.5 hours) with a lunch break and coffee break thrown in to keep you feeling fresh.

What if our timezones don't align?

Should our difference in timezones not match, we can split the VIP Day over 2 or 3 intensive sessions, meaning you're working on your business growth when you're at your most productive.

How much of the funnel is created by me?

Using my specially-designed templates, swipe-files, and prompts, you'll be adding your special flair and magic to each of the funnel building blocks. I'll be by your side to guide you and provide powerful feedback so you're set up for success.

What software do I need?

To build your opt-in page you'll need to use either Squarespace, WordPress or Leadpages. For all other software (from email marketing to countdown timers) I'll share my list of favorites that range from inexpensive to premium.

Do I need to complete everything in one day?

We'll be working to complete all stages of your marketing automation during our time together. You'll also be given cheat-sheets, templates and swipe-files should you wish to refer back to the materials at any time.

Do I need to have an online course or product?

Yes. You will need to have created the product or program (even if you haven't launched it yet) prior to our time together.

Do I need to have a Pinterest account?

Nope! If you don't have an account, we can set one up for you as part of our journey.

Can my VA come along?

Your VA is welcome to join our call once we enter Phase 2 of the day: "Building Your Sales Machine".

Go go gadget funnels!

Without automated funnels in your business, you're
potentially missing out on thousands of extra dollars in
your bank account every month.

Together we'll create a system that works 24/7 so you don't have to.

Let's get started!

I can't wait to connect! Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch within 2 days.